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How much do USA Ghostwriters charge?

Le 22/03/2021

How much do the Ghostwrites charge?

This is one question that the arising and some of the experienced writers should ask themselves. In the field of ghostwriting, the writer can sometimes be grossly undercharged. To help you set some reasonable prices to grow your writing business, regardless of what you are working on creative writing or non-fiction. 

How much do ghostwriters charge? 

Every one of the ghostwriting projects is slightly different from each other, one of the projects could involve just writing an article, and the other would sometimes want you to craft the whole book. The categories and the scope of this task may be very different because the natures are also different, and because of this, the rates of them may also vary. Ultimately, Ghostwriter charges should reflect how much of the research and writing they will have to do. How much of the cost does it incur all the way, and the value of the service that a Ghostwriter is providing. There would be no one-size-fits-all price rates that work for every ghostwriter under the umbrella.

With that being said, this long answer that the clients want to hear, how much do ghostwriters charge and about their service. They would expect a quote that will help them compare different freelancers and decide whom to hire. Except for that, you yourself might wonder that you are overcharging or are you undercharging for the s3ervices that you are providing to your clients. I both of the cases, you might find it useful to know about an average range of the writer's price rates.

How much do ghostwriters charge per word?   

The range of how much do ghostwriter charges, rates per word may be from $0.15 to around $5 per word, no matter how loch or short the article or the book is the writer would tell you these rates before the agreement or the contract.
These rates are often fixed for the articles that need much of the research process and even for the web content. It has to be informative and sometimes entertaining for the manuscript rewrites and book descriptions.

How much do ghostwriters charge per hour?

The range of how much do the best selling ghostwriters charge per hour according to the ghostwriting founder may be between $35 to around $150 per word, and these rates are applied to two to three kinds of writing: consultations and editorial assignments. 

For the non-fiction writer and editors' experience, in traditional publishing, while the editors pay the ghostwriters on a per-project basis, all the other types of editorials jobs are paid or the basis or their hours. In the process of indie publishing, the rates are also not too common for ghostwriting services. The clients avert to these types of collaborations. After all, they are charged this way because they lack efficiency.

How much do ghostwriters charge per project?

The range of how much do ghostwriters charge per project is $2200 to around $ 70,000+ per project. These rates are applied to the following services, manuscript writing, and book proposal writing. 

If you want your writer to do a whole book, it might be best for you to set a flat fee covering the whole research, the writing process, and the countless round of revisions of the manuscript. It aims for a six to seven-month timeline, but it can also stretch out to a whole year. A fixed amount steadily paid in installments throughout the whole process is very necessary for your sustenance. 

A ghostwriter who has just a beginner can expect to make money anywhere from around $2000 to $9000 per book. If you have a slight bit of experience under your belt, you can raise those rates to around $30,000 to $65,000 per book. If you have got some bestsellers in your writing portfolio or represented by the agents, you would look at a straight six-figures fee. For the book proposals, the typical prices are about $5,000.                        


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